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This is an opportunity for seniors to demonstrate to the entire school and the Springfield community what 7 years at The Springfield Renaissance School is all about. THIS THE THIRD ANNUAL DECLARATION DAY! We are a college bound school and everything that students do from 6th grade through 12th grade should be about making that a TRUE possibility.

Students in grades 6 -11 are watching our seniors! Help them see and visualize the power of hard work, HOWs, perseverance and genuine love and support for each other.

6th graders have already begun to dream. 11th graders have started to realize that all this college bound talk is about to be a reality.

This is about young people from all walks of life having an opportunity to choose to attend college in a society where that choice has often been absent.


It is a fact that college-2 year or 4 year, public or private, big or small, urban or rural, is not the right “fit” for every single high school graduate. But it is also a fact that college graduates do better on a range of quality of life indicators-salary, job satisfaction, home ownership, life expectancy, and birth rates. In this 21st century, most will do better with a college education than without. Because the stakes are so high, we believe that every high school graduate should be able to make that choice, and to make that choice in an intelligent, informed, and supported manner.

So our school, no exceptions, is “college bound.” From the first day of 6th grade, through SLFCs and passage portfolios, MCAS and SAT exams, all the way to graduation, going to and completing college is our goal. Students explore careers and colleges when they are in middle school so that by the time they start high school they have a context for the work they do inside and outside the classroom. What is important to keep in mind is that our college bound mission is not driven by the need for status. It is our fervent hope that our students will use their college degrees to use their minds well, care for themselves and each other, and rise to the duties and challenges of citizenship.

<![CDATA[College Bound Events!]]>Tue, 07 Oct 2014 16:10:39 GMThttp://renaissanceguidance.weebly.com/college-bound-events-yay/college-bound-events College Visits


Seniors and Juniors are invited to attend the college visits sessions occurring in the guidance suite.


Students signing up for college admissions visits MUST get a pass  from Ms. Grant,  ONE DAY PRIOR to the meeting date.   Students who do not follow this procedure will not be allowed to attend.


Umass  Lowell






Holyoke Community College



Tulane University


12 noon

University of Maine at Machias





Fall Family College Planning Meetings

Seniors –

Set up your Fall Family College Planning Meeting online! This is a mandatory meeting and it will help clarify the important steps for your college planning process.


Fall Family Event

October 15th is PSAT and SAT Day for 10th, 11th and 12th graders

PSAT Information for 10th and 11th Graders